EEP 10.81  2.08%
EEQ 10.80  1.79%
ENB 32.22  1.45%


Our investments in the well being of the communities where we operate are guided by a core set of criteria. Enbridge will consider participation in community programs that are:

  • Based in the communities where Enbridge operates.
  • Of prime importance to the community.
  • Of benefit to the greatest number of people.
  • Of long-term significance to the community.

Examples of Qualified/Non-Qualified Organizations

Non-profit organizations established under 501(3)(c) of the tax code usually qualify for Enbridge contributions. Examples include:

  • Community-based emergency services.
  • Health organizations.
  • Post secondary education providers.
  • Social service agencies.
  • Environmental and safety initiatives.
  • Professional and amateur cultural organizations.

Some entities typically will not qualify. Examples include:

  • Individuals.
  • Religious or political organizations.
  • K-12 schools.
  • Service or fraternal clubs.
  • Advocacy and lobbying initiatives.
  • Sports or recreational teams, events and/or tournaments.
  • Advertising, memberships, ticket sales or lotteries.
  • Mass-mailed or non-addressed solicitations.
  • Requests from a third-party fundraiser.
  • Trips or tours for individuals or groups.

Please note: Qualification does not imply funding. In order to adhere to an approved budget and current commitments, we cannot contribute to all worthy, well qualified organizations.