EEP 10.84  2.36%
EEQ 10.83  2.07%
ENB 32.37  1.92%

Ownership Structure

The following simplified chart depicts ownership interests in, and the relationship between, Enbridge Partners and Enbridge Management.




Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P. ("Enbridge Partners" or the "Partnership") is a master limited partnership that trades its Class A common units on the NYSE using ticker symbol EEP.

Enbridge Energy Management, L.L.C. ("Enbridge Management") is a limited liability company that trades on the NYSE using ticker symbol EEQ. Enbridge Management was formed to manage and control the business and affairs of Enbridge Partners. Enbridge Management's only investment is its limited partner interest in Enbridge Partners, thus its success and financial condition are dependent on the Partnership's performance.

Enbridge Energy Company, Inc. ("Enbridge Energy") is the general partner of Enbridge Partners and holds an approximate 42 percent interest in the Partnership.

Enbridge Inc. ("Enbridge") indirectly owns Enbridge Energy and is an active and effective sponsor for Enbridge Management and Enbridge Partners. Enbridge is a large capitalization, energy delivery company with its head office in Calgary, Canada. Its common shares trade on the TSX and NYSE using ticker symbol ENB.