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Investor FAQ

Based on discussions with our unitholders and other members of the investment community, the following represent their most frequently asked questions, together with responses by Enbridge Energy. To appropriately address questions, some of the responses contain Forward-Looking Statements and you are referred to Legal Notice in this regard.

About Your Investment

Which of Enbridge Energy Partners' securities are available to the public and how do I make an investment?
How do I get prospectuses or other information regarding the limited partner Common Units?
How do I inquire about the status or make changes to my investment account, including the status of cash distribution payments?
What is the difference between registered and non-registered security ownership?
When are Enbridge Energy cash distributions paid?
Does Enbridge Partners offer a Direct Purchase Plan or a Distribution Re-Investment Plan?
How can I communicate directly with the Company?

About Income Taxes

Why doesn't the taxable income amount in my tax package equal the amount of cash I received?
What is "unrelated business taxable income" (UBTI)?
What should I do if I filed my return before I received my tax package?
Where is my 1099?
Do I have to file tax returns in all the states listed on the tax package?
I don't understand the K-1 information and need you to help me do my taxes.
I need the information now. Can you give it to me over the phone?

Investor Contacts

Tel: (866) EEP-INFO
Tel: (866) 337-4636
Fax: (713) 353-5637