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Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline Integrity

The safe, environmentally responsible operation of our pipelines has always been our priority. The integrity of a pipeline system reflects on the reputation of the operator as a reliable transporter of energy who can be depended upon by customers to deliver these products on time and in a cost-effective manner. And, doing everything possible to prevent leaks is what our host communities expect from us as a responsible neighbor.

Enbridge supplements its comprehensive maintenance procedures with integrity management plans for our Liquids Pipelines systems. These plans describe how some parts of our pipelines have a greater potential for affecting public areas—where people live, work or play—or environmentally sensitive areas in the unlikely event of a leak.

Enbridge works with federal and state regulators and local emergency responders to verify that these integrity management plans, pipeline testing and preventive measures are appropriate for the conditions along the route segment.

Major Integrity Projects

The majority of integrity actions taken involve assessment, maintenance and rehabilitation of the pipeline system within the existing right-of-way. Periodically, Enbridge undertakes a larger program that involves replacement and construction projects. These projects are typically subject to local, state and federal regulatory approvals and coordination with landowners.

Liquids Pipelines Integrity Management Plan

Our Liquids Pipelines integrity management program addresses aspects of evaluating and maintaining pipeline integrity to minimize the risks and consequences of having a pipeline failure that could impact populated areas and surrounding environments.

Federal and state pipeline regulations provide strict guidelines for pipeline companies like ours to develop, maintain and continuously improve integrity management programs to protect high consequence areas (HCA). These regulations require pipeline operators to identify HCA located along the pipeline that are heavily populated and are unusually environmentally sensitive that could be affected by an unintended release of the product transported inside the pipeline.

Liquids Pipelines Integrity Management Plan

Enbridge Integrity Management Contact Information

For general information on our integrity management plans, write to us at Public Affairs, Enbridge Energy Company, Inc., 1100 Louisiana, Suite 3300, Houston, Texas 77002-5217 or email USmedia@enbridge.com.