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EEP 10.43  0%
EEQ 10.51  0%
ENB 41.20  0%

Credit Ratings

Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P.

  Standard & Poors Moody's DBRS Fitch
Corporate Overall Stable Stable Stable Stable
Senior Unsecured Debt BBB Baa3 (Stable) BBB (Stable) BBB
Commercial Paper A-2 Prime-3 (Stable) R-2 (Middle) F2

Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership

  Standard & Poors Moody's
Corporate Overall Stable Stable
Senior Unsecured Debt BBB Baa2 (Stable)
Secured Debt BBB -

For information on the specific rating scales used, please visit the individual agency's website. A link to each agency is provided in the column headings above.

Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P. is the master limited partnership (MLP) that trades publicly under the symbol "EEP". Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership is a subsidiary operating limited partnership (OLP) of Enbridge Energy Partners and was the original borrowing entity for the Partnership.